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Dear Students, Parents and Alumni,

Our lives are full of symbols and memories. Sometimes it's a photograph that we hang on a wall or place by our bedside. Sometimes the symbol, like flying our country's flag, is a sign of pride, of loyalty, of commitment.

Here at Holy Cross College, though young, we are developing a unique spirit along with campus symbols of our education and our faith. We are now pleased to offer the time honored tradition of having a college or class ring. Buying and wearing a class ring will give you countless memories of the time spent at the college, it will be an important symbol of your pride in your educational accomplishments both while at the college and in the future and finally it will represent a commitment that you and the college together have made to continue to grow and excel.

Please consider being among the first students of the college to belong to the Holy Cross tradition as represented by a college ring.



Richard B. Gilman, C.S.C.
Holy Cross College

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