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Dear ETSU Students, Parents and Alumni,

We are pleased to offer a lasting reminder of the East Tennessee State University experience - the Official Ring of ETSU.

Our Official Ring evokes special memories of the traditions and values of ETSU. Founded October 2, 1911, twenty-nine students walked through the doors of our university and immediately began to build a legacy for all who would follow. As ETSU turns toward its centennial in 2011, the institution is focused on a vision to become the best regional university in the nation. As a symbol of our university, an Official ETSU Ring is a tangible link with all ETSU alumni and students. The Official Ring not only connects us to fellow classmates of present, past and future, it underscores our common university experience in our memories and serves as a mark of distinction of our academic achievements at East Tennessee State University.

Wear your Official ETSU Ring with PRIDE - pride in your accomplishments, in your Alma Mater and in the common bond that we share. As the years go by, your ring will come to represent the many memories, which you, having been part of ETSU, will carry throughout life. Join us in this unique and special East Tennessee State University tradition.



Robert M. Plummer '84 '87
Executive Director of ETSU Alumni Association
Associate Vice President for University Advancement

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