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Dear Parents, Students and Fellow Alumni,

In recognition of the importance of campus traditions, the Alfred University Alumni Council and Student Alumni Association have worked with the Balfour Ring Company to restore the Official Ring tradition to students and alumni. There are two Official Rings, a Traditional style ring and companion Signet, both uniquely symbolic of Alfred University.

With great pleasure, we now offer you the opportunity to purchase a Traditional or Signet style ring, now the only designs recognized by and made for Alfred University. Second semester sophomores through seniors may do so by visiting the Balfour representative during their campus visit. Alumni can place their order by calling Balfour or by completing and forwarding the Ring Application Form in this brochure.

Why did the Alumni Council want to bring this tradition back to students and alumni, and why purchase a ring?

It is important to cultivate and nurture traditions on today’s campuses as it has been said that schools with strong traditions reap the benefits of higher student retention and alumni participation. A tradition can be described as the handing down of beliefs, values and customs from one generation to the next. As such, an Official Ring, handed down from class to class and generation to generation can be one of the strongest traditions that a university has. As a student or alumnus who has earned the right to acquire the ring and participate in this tradition, you can take great pride in wearing it as a symbol of your alma mater and sign of your achievement and connection to all that is Alfred University.

Acquire a ring and wear it with pride in the common bond that we share! As the years go by, it will represent the many memories, which you, having been part of the Alfred experience, will carry throughout life!

Best Regards,


Mike N. Christakis ’99
President, Alfred University Alumni Association and Alumni Council

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