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Official Rings


At a glance, this classically styled ring will distinguish a University of Texas at Tyler student from all others and will serve as a lasting symbol of our university’s proud traditions and values.

The right side of the ring features the UT Tyler seal. Carved above the university seal is the wearer’s graduation year, associating the ring bearer with others who have earned formal recognition from UT Tyler.


The left side of the ring features the Dub and B.J. Riter Millennium Carillon Tower. Standing nearly nine stories tall, the Riter Carillon Tower is the largest carillon in Texas and among the 20 largest in the nation. Built in 2001, the tower symbolizes the enduring purpose and commitment to excellence in teaching, research, artistic performance and community service that is attributed to UT Tyler. Carved above the Tower is the ring bearer’s degree designating the distinguished intellectual achievement during their time at UT Tyler.

The top of the ring prominently features a lone star atop a wreath of laurel leaves, held fast by the crown carved with the name of the university and its founding date. Collectively these elements illustrate the highest regard The University of Texas System holds for its graduates from UT Tyler.

The Official Ring can be engraved inside with the recipient's initials, degree, and class year.

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