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Balfour Championship Clientele

New York Yankees   2001 and previous 25 World Series
Fukuoka Daiei Hawks   2000 Japan Pacific League Championship
Fukuoka Daiei Hawks   1999 Japan World Series
Yakima Sun Kings   1999 CBA Championship
Rhein Fire   2000 World Bowl
Rhein Fire   2000 World Bowl
Frankfurt Galaxy   1999 World Bowl
Rhein Fire   1998 World Bowl
Professional Football Hall of Fame   Annually since 1967
San Francisco 49ers   1994 Super Bowl
New York Rangers   1994 Stanley Cup
Dallas Cowboys   1993 Super Bowl
Toronto Blue Jays   1993 World Series
Toronto Blue Jays   1992 World Series
Dallas Cowboys   1992 Super Bowl
Pittsburgh Penguins   1991 Stanley Cup
Washington Redskins   1991 Super Bowl
New York Giants   1990 Super Bowl
Cincinnati Reds   1990 World Series
Detroit Pistons   1989 NBA Championship
Boston Celtics   1986 NBA Championship
Los Angeles Lakers   1985 NBA Championship
Kansas City Royals   1985 World Series
Boston Celtics   1984 NBA Championship
Detroit Tigers   1984 World Series
Baltimore Orioles   1983 World Series
New York Islanders   1982 Stanley Cup
Los Angeles Dodgers   1981 World Series
Boston Celtics   1981 NBA Championship
San Francisco 49ers   1981 Super Bowl
Philadelphia Phillies   1980 World Series
USA Hockey Team   1980 Olympics
Cincinnati Reds   1976 World Series
Boston Celtics   1976 NBA Championship
Pittsburgh Steelers   1975 Super Bowl
Philadelphia Flyers   1974 Stanley Cup
Boston Bruins   1972 Stanley Cup
Dallas Cowboys   1971 Super Bowl
New York Jets   1968 Super Bowl
St. Louis Cardinals   1967 World Series
Baltimore Orioles   1966 World Series
Los Angeles Dodgers   1965 World Series
Cleveland Browns   1964 NFL Champions
Los Angeles Dodgers   1963 World Series
Chicago Blackhawks   1960 Stanley Cup
Baltimore Colts   1958 NFL Champions
Milwaukee Braves   1957 World Series
New York Giants   1954 World Series
Cleveland Indians   1948 World Champions
St. Louis Cardinals   1946 World Champions

Other Major Championships:

Los Angeles Galaxy   2001 US Open Cup
Hartford Wolfpack   1999 Calder Cup
Phillie Phantoms   1998 Calder Cup
US Women's Soccer Team   1998 World Cup Championship
US Olympic Team   1996 Team Ring
US Olympic Basketball Dream Team   1992 Gold Medalist Ring
Several minor league baseball and hockey championships   annually

If you would like to request additional information regarding your team or organizations special ring, please email us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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